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Researching and designing to meet the ultimate goal

User research

User research helps you to learn about the people who use your services. Find out what problems you are trying to solve, what to build, and if it will actually work for real people.

Planning and conducting user research is one of the first things we should do in design, and should be revisited after every sprint in delivery, as well as after go-live.

User research means you can:

  • save time by only building the things users need
  • reduce risk by learning quickly whether the things you are building work well for users
  • respond to changing user behaviour and feedback to continuously improve the service
Sometimes our customers opt to do the research themselves, to bring down costs.

Research methods

Pick and mix the methods below to find the data that best highlights user needs. This will help you design the right thing
  • Benchmarking data​
  • Journey mapping
  • Shadowing
  • validate a concept
  • Diary studies
  • Identifying priorities
  • Customer surveys
  • Site visits
  • Interviews