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This website and playbook is our legacy!  We are a group of people who have been learning and practising service design skills and techniques In the public sector for 5 years.  Our team was disbanded in 2020 (it was a political decision) and we wanted to share our work, our tools and our learnings with the wider design community.

About us

We are digital design specialists who have worked for numerous councils in UK on digital transformation projects.   We have been privileged to be involved in many varied projects from creating systems on a low-code platform to fix an immediate problem, designing and developing end-to-end digital services, running design sprints, co-designing solutions with young people and helping councils develop ambitious strategies based on research and engagement with real people.

We started as a small team following the Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Manual.  We developed our practice over time, learning Human Centred Design, Service Design and Design thinking techniques and practices.  We have used these to create and iterate our own practice and we would like to share this, along with our tools and templates, with the world.

Guidelines to design services that people prefer to use

Screen shots of our wide range of blog posts (PDF)

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